May 23, 2014


Facebook On Its Latest Adventure: You Can Now Ask People Their Relationship Status

Remember the time when Facebook was just a simple website where you can virtually meet with your friends, catch up, upload some photos, update your status, and then move on with your life? It’s gone now, and all that remains is a bit of dust that reminds us of the good ol’ days. Now Facebook is getting crazier by the day.

In its latest attempt of “innovation”, Facebook decided to put an Ask button on everyone’s page, which, upon clicking, promptly then asks you to “Let (your friend) know why you’re asking for (his/her) relationship status”. To be fair, this button is not really intended solely for the relationship status bit. You can also ask someone about their work, education, family, birthday, birthplace, and current residence info. No, it’s not good for stalkers, at all.

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May 21, 2014


Women in Tech: Few and Uncommon

These days, careers choose no gender or age. But why do women in the IT field remain few? Based on studies, women technologists also quit their job at a higher rate than their male counterparts who possess comparable skills. We will crack the “codes” here.

Let’s Play by the Numbers

First off, let’s study the female trend in techie positions. In the United States, where women make up more than 50% of the workforce, it has been found that only 25% of the IT jobs are being held by techie, sassy females. That’s based on the numbers of the National Center for Women in Technology as of 2008.

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September 10, 2014


Useful Software Tools for a Medical Office

At any given day, there is a lot going on in a medical office. Patients coming in and out for diagnosis and treatment, receptionists setting appointments and answering queries, office workers dealing with insurance companies, clerks updating and filing medical and billing records, not to mention the pharmaceutical companies’ representatives trying to sell their drugs to the physician – all these can be sufficient to make an office manager lose his mind. Thanks to advances in computer software technology, there are now tools that can facilitate the accomplishment of such tasks faster and more efficiently.

Record Keeping. Maintaining a database containing details about a customer is standard practice for any business; and this should also be the case for medical offices, with the use of an Electronic Health Record system or EHR. Regardless of the size of the office, implementing this system is essential but it is more imperative for facilities that have several doctors.

Data contained in an EHR software is not just a digital edition of a medical chart. The information it provides is comprehensive which includes a patient’s medical history, test results, diagnosis and treatment progress, vital signs, prescribed medicines, allergies; and including personal and billing data. Moreover, this type of system is developed to allow information sharing among medical facilities, pharmacies, laboratories and specialists. Simply put, everything about a patient’s medical care is stored in the system. EHR’s have been found to be so useful that they are even utilized by facilities that provide non-traditional medical services, such as medical marijuana Spokane found on this site.

Appointment Scheduling. With one physician having numerous appointments in one day, a medical office can certainly benefit from a patient scheduling software. This tool makes it easier for a medical office receptionist to view filled and vacant time slots, so appointments can be arranged more efficiently. Some applications even allow patients to request for appointments online. This system is important to keep office operations running more smoothly, where conflicting schedules are avoided and patient waiting time is minimized

Medical Billing. In order for medical offices to continue providing services, they have to collect payment from clients. Doing so has been made easier with software tools that can be used for medical billing and collections. Billing a patient can be a complicated process. Prior to arriving at a final amount to be billed, there are items that need to be factored in, such as insurance claims, health plans and other deductibles. Without the use of the billing and collections software, such calculations are highly prone to errors.

Treatment Documentation. For medical specialists who need to maintain more detailed notes about their patients’ progress, clinical documentation software can prove to be very helpful. With the use of this system, other information essential for treatment can be integrated with the physicians’ notes, allowing for a more holistic and comprehensive view of a medical condition. This is especially applicable for doctors whose treatments require several sessions, such as psychologists and physical therapists.

September 1, 2014


The Technology for Buying Weed Online is Still Existing

Despite efforts by several groups to entice legislators to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, there are still a lot of states that are against it. The federal government is also not keen in passing the bill that would legalize marijuana. Instead, they are trying to strengthen their forces to crackdown possession, use and sales of marijuana.

Since marijuana is so difficult to access in states where its sales is illegal, marijuana dealers and buyers have turned online to make it a lot easier to make a transaction. However, even the federal government tracks down online transaction related to marijuana. Despite the fact that the government is really strong in its battle against marijuana, there are still people trying to do their best to sell weed online. This black market transaction has gotten even more complicated now as these people are trying to run away from the prying eyes of the authority.

An Anonymous IP Address

To begin the process, you will be asked to download a browser where your IP address will be automatically hidden. This means that any transaction that you will do from that point onwards will be kept. Even if you are tracked, the government will still not get your actual location.

A Fake Online Money

In order to buy marijuana, you don’t have to use your credit cards as it will surely be linked back to you. Instead, you will use bitcoin. This is like an anonymous coin where you can do any purchase without you being caught doing the said transaction. Once you have purchased a bitcoin, you can now go back to the browser and open the sites where marijuana is sold. The delivery will be a bit different than the usual online product delivery though. As long as you can establish a point of contact with a supplier, you have nothing to worry about. The rest will just follow.

Legal Marijuana

Since there are a few states where selling marijuana is now legal, you can just go over to those states and buy weed. In fact, if you are in Washington, you can just check out Washington dispensary here and make a legal purchase.

August 20, 2014


Ordering Medical Marijuana Online

Medical marijuana is used in treating various conditions, though it’s still illegal in some states. On states with laws allowing the use of the substance for medical purposes, a medical marijuana ID is required in order to legally purchase a specific amount of marijuana from licensed dispensaries. These dispensaries operate in different parts of the country like Portland. Portland dispensaries are committed in providing high quality medical cannabis to patients, as well as consultations to growers and herbalists.

The traditional way of purchasing medical marijuana is by going to the local dispensary. You will be required to present your medical marijuana ID, as well as another ID that’s issued by the government. Some of these dispensaries also offer online ordering and delivery. Ordering online has several benefits, though it also comes with risks.

Benefits of Ordering Medical Marijuana Online

Ordering medical cannabis online has several advantages. This will save you time since you don’t have to drive to the local dispensary to purchase your medicine and you would know immediately if the medication you need is available. It could be a waste of time if you go to a dispensary and find out that they don’t carry the medical marijuana you need.

This is also beneficial to people who are not comfortable personally buying on dispensaries. Moreover, those who are having difficulties moving or driving because of their condition would find this convenient.

Drawbacks of Online Ordering

While online ordering has various benefits, it also comes with some drawbacks. There are several sites selling medical marijuana. However, many of them are selling low quality marijuana or imitations. They may not be as effective as the real thing. Moreover, you may find scammers who would not deliver as promised and will just get away with your money.

Tips When Ordering Online

Fraud is very common on the Internet, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find legitimate dispensaries that deliver high quality medical cannabis. Check if your local dispensary has a website so you can make your order there. A bit of research would also help you find a trusted site. There are organizations that offer tips, reviews, as well as complaint information on online medical cannabis sellers, which you may also find useful. Only deal with licensed dispensaries and those that require medical marijuana ID.

Some dispensaries have online ordering, but do not deliver. You may order online then pick it up, which is also convenient since it will be ready the moment you go there. Growing them from seeds is also possible as long as you follow the law in your state regarding this.

August 14, 2014


So you want to be an Indie Developer: 3 Tips when you’re Starting Out

While game development as a whole is still young, that does not stop it from being one of the fastest growing modern industries. You can actually boil game development in two categories; either you work for the AAA sector, or decide to go out on your own and become indie. This batch of tips is more for the latter crowd, as limited resources means you have to be creative.

1. Starting from Scratch isn’t always Smart
When you start out, it can be tempting to build every asset of your game world uniquely. However, that can be counter intuitive when building a big game. So before you start making unique textures for all of your levels, why not consider reusing some of your old designs. You might find it easier to place old graphics in new patterns rather than making everything in your world new.

2. Keep your Team Sharp
One of the perils of developing any kind of software is the time limitations, or the lack thereof. Letting your project rot in the background can be very easy. To avoid this specific problem, make sure to keep yourself and your team on a tight schedule. Make sure to have milestones set on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Each of your members has to pull their own weight as well because wasted time is never good. Going to a Portland dispensary in order to get cannabis and paraphernalia will also be a bad idea, at least until you’re done with your game.

3. Read and Learn Constantly
One of the best things about game development is that it is a process of constant self-education. Every year, new languages come out, physics and 3D engines become free, and blogs get a lot smarter. Keeping your team relevant means that you need to read and learn about all of these aspects of games development constantly.

There are a lot more tips and guides you should be following and as was said in the third tip, you have to keep learning. If you make sure to get your team to do the same, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up just fine.

August 14, 2014


FBI Struggles to Recruit Programmers

It’s a well-known fact that computer programmers and weed go together like a hand in a glove, although not all programmers and software developers partake. And we all know that, despite the legalization of marijuana in many states, for medical use only, it is still a Class A drug according to the FBI.

Now, there’s a new crime that’s taking the world by storm right now – cybercrime.  And that’s where the FBI step in. You see, these are real criminals and the feds need to go after them but they are struggling. Why?

Recruitment Trouble

Because of the FBI’s stance on marijuana, that’s why.  The FBI has been given the go ahead to recruit 2000 more employees and a high percentage of those will be assigned to cybercrime. That means they need computer programmers.

And, because of their very strict anti-marijuana rules, they are having real trouble in recruiting them.  Many of the top programmers and hackers are rather fond of little marijuana every now and again.

In theory, they are not supposed to hire anyone who has used marijuana any time in the last three years but, as James Comey, Director of the FBI points out, many of the programmers they want there have used it on the way to the interview.

Relaxing the Rules

It has now got to the stage where, because they are struggling to hire enough “clean” workers, the FBI is now thinking about relaxing the rules a little. Now, according the FBI, this drug is so bad that it’s worth spending billions of taxpayer dollars on locking people up for using it.

Yet, here we are, now at the stage where the elite law enforcement people in the US now have to admit some measure of defeat.  Not all programmers or hackers are total potheads. Some of them only use it occasionally but this still rules them as ineligible to apply.

Now it looks like things are about to change – if the FBI hires marijuana users to work for them, they have to start reconsidering the classification of the drug. 

Just one tip for you here today – if you do go for interview and you use marijuana, don’t smoke it. Use a vaporizer instead. You can get your vapor accessories at this online store and you don’t wind up sending everybody high just from the smell.

August 14, 2014


Tips on Choosing Software Development as a Career

I’ve been programming and developing software for many years now and I’ve seen many changes. When I first started, you could only choose between writing code for mainframe computers or PC’s.  Nowadays there is much more choice for those of you who want to become software developers.  I have a few tips for you to consider first:

  • Choose your area

Before you jump in, determine what area you want to get into developing software for – mobile platforms, televisions, web or games consoles

  • Learn the basics

You must learn two separate skills to become a successful software developer – how to use programming language and how to actually program.   Computer programming is about finding and solving problems and to do that you need to be able to learn both skills.

  • Choose your language

There are many different languages to choose from so you need to explore them all and determine which ones you like and which you don’t.  Don’t just pick one, do some work on each one and see how you get on with it, see if there are any gray or problem areas that you don’t like.

  • Decide your method of learning

There are several ways to learn how to program, it’s up to you to determine which way’s best for you. You can choose to go to college; learn from the comfort of your own home with a self-training kit; learn from a professional developer. Just work out which method works for you.

  • Decide if this is what you really want to do

Once you have determined the platform, language and training style, take a bit of time to decide if you are going to enjoy this type of work.  Is this what you want to do? If you can’t make up your mind then software development probably isn’t the career choice for you.

One thing I would like to point out here is that computer programming requires long hours sat in front of a computer and you are likely to suffer from eyestrain and wrist/hand problems. If you have a medical marijuana card or qualify for one, get yourself along to this Portland dispensary – there’s no need to suffer for your career.

August 11, 2014


Setting Up Your Business to Succeed

The marijuana business is taking off faster than anyone can keep up with it, including the law.  One thing is showing itself up to be a bit of a failure at this point though, and that is the software these businesses use.

You might ask yourself why a marijuana company would need software. Think of it this way. Any business, any shop you go into, they all have tills. Those tills are generally linked to a computer somewhere to track sales. Without that software, the business does not know how much stock it has left, how much is selling and, perhaps more importantly to some businesses, what isn’t selling.

Software Requirements

Every marijuana business needs that same software.  They need a till to register their sales because, yes, they will have to pay tax at some point. They also need that till linked to a computer.  The software on that computer is loaded with a stock list – every single item is listed and how much of each one.

As an item goes through the till, it is registered on that software and removed from the quantity of that specific product.  That same software will flag up when a product is running low so it can be restocked in time.

That’s My Job

That is where programmers like me come in. The marijuana business is hiring more and more software programmers so that they can get their business running right from the word go.  It’s no good to anyone if they have a popular line and all of a sudden they find it’s run out.

You could say that it’s up to the owner to keep a check on his stock but busy businesses don’t always have the luxury of time to do that. That’s why we build software programs to help the do it.

If you ever decide to go into the marijuana business – if you have plenty of cash to spare! – be sure to check out the information on this website about how to open a dispensary and then come see me to get your software up and running properly. Good planning is the key to any business.

May 23, 2014


Great Programming Tips for Beginners

Programming is not for everyone but if you’re one of the special few wherein you breathe and live in the intricate world of computers and technology, this industry may be the perfect job for you. Learning how to program can be very exciting but it can also be quite frustrating because you will be learning a whole new language or code. And so without further ado, here are some great tips that can help you get started in programming.

Don’t Take It Personally

One of the most common dilemmas of many new programmers is feeling frustrated because what they’re doing simply don’t work. If the code doesn’t seem to do what it’s supposed to do, relax, breathe, and take your eyes off the screen for a minute.

Being angry or upset won’t help you in debugging the problem and chances are, you won’t be able to fix it. Calm down and focus on the solution and not on the problem. Besides, Google will be your new best friend so don’t hesitate to search for whatever issues that you’re experiencing and you’ll be surprised on the results.

Understanding the Errors Messages

Error messages are there for a reason—that is to let you know the problem. Everything will be pretty clear to you for as long as you understand all the error messages that are out there. Once you know them all, you can quickly find the solution because you have determined the problem and finding what’s causing it will be surprisingly easy.

The Variables and Framing the Problem

Variables can be pretty confusing if you don’t understand them. Make an effort to know why variables are there, what do you need to make it work, and the like. Also, another things that you need to remember is that finding a bug in a certain set of codes will be easier if you have it framed. Ask someone to frame it for you so that you can thoroughly study it and determine the kind of bug or problem that you’re dealing with.

You Are The Boss

Be very comfortable in what you do. Don’t let the computer bully you. Yes, it happens. Always keep in mind that these machines are there to follow your instructions. So start instructing them on what to do and your life as a programmer will be less stressful. A great example of this is deciding on which part do you want to loop or which segment do you want to come in first. These things may seem mundane but making these decisions are a very important part of the job.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind whenever you feel like you’re stuck and not going anywhere with what you’re doing. Remember, practice makes it perfect so keep on going, try a different tactic, be patient, and have fun! By the end of the day, it is all about creating the result that you’ve been aiming for and that’s what makes programming worth it. Good luck!